CSG series have served couples of domestic famous permeability film manufacturers.
It can meet the demand of drying for the plastic production line
The unit features a dual condensing unit to ensure a lower return air temperature and dew point
This dryer has a beautiful appearance, electrical performance is stable and reliable
Professional for your custom spiral feeder, so that your work becomes safe, more time-saving
This dryer uses the principle of vacuum air transport, stainless steel composite structure
This feeding machine, drying process with one, at one go, reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency
The machine is stable, simple structure, easy to use, uniform coloring, timing mixing function
Mainly applicable to all kinds of plastic particles and powder mixture of coloring work, injection molding machine
It has a fast mixing, homogeneous mixture, the absorption of resin on the plasticizer is good, easy to operate, durable, compact
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